Available Timber Frame Barns

Click the links below to see Barns we have in storage and ready to be turned into homes or studio spaces.

Available Barns

On this page are barn frames we currently have in storage and ready to be turned into homes or studio spaces. By clicking on the links you will see photos of the barn frames and models for planning your barn home. These frames were located and carefully disassembled in Vermont, catalogued, and stored in our Pennsylvania storage and workspace.

Each barn frame is a found object, and therefore varies in size and structure. We help you choose a frame that is particularly well suited to your project and provide design services to realize a completely unique living space graced with textures and materials from another time, with irreplaceable patina and character that only comes from age and daily use.

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Brown Barn

This is a unique English hay barn from Castleton, VT, where the interior posts rise from the threshing floor to the carrier/tie beams and continue as Queen posts to the roof purlins. This is a pit-sawn hemlock barn with all the posts and beams measuring 8" x 8" that have been rubbed smooth by more than a century of hay being forked in and out of the hay mounts. The barn is divided into 5 equal 12 foot bays with each bay being separated by a timber frame "bent."

There is ample room for lofts and the cupola offers a beautiful way to introduce light into such a magnificent space. The barn is 30' wide and 60' long with 36' or 48' length optional.

These images include a suggested conversion of the Brown Barn into a home modeled in 3D CAD. However we can customize design to your needs and site. For more information on how this design process works, click on Design Process.

Ely House

Currently being converted to use as a Pool House, the Ely House is an early Dutch timber frame from Hebron, N.Y. Standing one and one/half stories high, the Ely frame is entirely hand hewn, and unique in it’s configuration as the bents are set approximately 4’ apart, with each bent consisting of two posts and a floor joist. Details of this configuration can be noted by viewing the drawings above.

The Ely has a 16' x 32' foot print of 512 sq. ft. The second floor is also 512' with approximately 4' foot knee walls. Conversion of this barn into a pool house is in progress.

Hampton Barn

This is an old english hay barn from Hampton, N.Y that has been sold. We can find similar or specific barns for your project.

The overall size is 42' in length by 27' wide for a total of 1134 sq. ft. with capacity for a beautiful loft space or bedroom with roof-ceilings. This barn frame is well suited for a central open living space with added structures to make a complete home, and would also make a beautiful large studio, guest house, or addition to an existing older home.

Poultney Barn

This barn was found near Poultney, Vermont and used for the farm livestock on the ground level with hay stored on the second level. This barn's beauty is created by the large hand hewn posts & beams showing years of hay polishing the aged wood.

The overall size is 39’ in length x 28’ wide and area of 1092 sq’ on each floor level, with a spacious upper section with 7' high knee walls on the second floor.

This barn has been sold. We can find similar or specific barns for your project.

Chestnut & Other Available Barns

We have the following other barns available:

  • Antique Timberframe (10'x12') - perfect for a garden or pool area.
  • Chestnut Barn
  • Stone Bank Barn

Please contact us for more information on our latest available barns.

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