Barn Home Design Process

Click these links to see an example of designing and modeling a barn from the found frame to a finished home.

  1. Dismantling and Documenting the Found Barn
  2. Modeling the Frame in 3D CAD
  3. Space Planning
  4. Creating a Barn Home Model
  5. Technical Documentation

Design a Barn Home

We have customized an integrated 3D design and construction planning process that facilitates visualization and collaboration at every step, and also coordinates all technical aspects of a complex project. It allows for flexibility and interaction, starting with the found object of an antique barn frame. The example shown is a suggested plan for a special barn frame we have in stock. However this process allows us to revise and customize the design to the needs of it's eventual owner, and to adapt it to the properties of the site where it becomes a home.

We specialize in retaining the character and scale of the original structure, and also completing a home that is uniquely adapted to the life of it's owner. We work with AIA architects and engineers to insure structural integrity and compliance with local and national codes.

Follow the steps (above right) to see examples of how we can work with you to develop your custom barn home plan and design from beginning to completion.

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