Available Timber Frame Barns

Click the links below to see Barns we have in storage and ready to be turned into homes or studio spaces.

Brown Barn

This is a unique English hay barn from Castleton, VT, where the interior posts rise from the threshing floor to the carrier/tie beams and continue as Queen posts to the roof purlins. This is a pit-sawn hemlock barn with all the posts and beams measuring 8" x 8" that have been rubbed smooth by more than a century of hay being forked in and out of the hay mounts. The barn is divided into 5 equal 12 foot bays with each bay being separated by a timber frame "bent."

There is ample room for lofts and the cupola offers a beautiful way to introduce light into such a magnificent space. The barn is 30' wide and 60' long with 36' or 48' length optional.

These images include a suggested conversion of the Brown Barn into a home modeled in 3D CAD. However we can customize design to your needs and site. For more information on how this design process works, click on Design Process.

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