Finished Barn Conversions

Finished Barn Homes

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Barn Home Conversions

This page shows four examples of completed Barn Home conversions. Each home or studio/guest space is a unique adaptation of barn frames, two of which came with property in Bucks County, PA, and two are from frames disassembled and brought to Pennsylvania from Vermont.

All projects share the charm and special quality of materials and workmanship that can only come from the found antique frames from which they have been built. However, these examples show how unique and individual a barn home can be designed and constructed for the tastes, budgets, and needs of our clients.

Solebury Barn Studio Conversion

This is a Bucks County, PA stone bank barn conversion into a music studio, with entertainment and fitness spaces, a loft guest sleeping area and a private performance space for musical events. The acoustics are said to be near perfect by professional musicians performing at various fund raising events, and the barn has been successfully used for recording live performances.

The flooring and staircase are custom made from antique woods, and the stone wall court yard connecting the reconstructed Carriage House and the Barn Studio is made of rare old stone from another barn site. The lower level walkout to the courtyard is through plank doors fabricated from antique barn wood with a second set of french doors to bring natural light into the fitness and game room.

This project also includes the restoration of the Carriage House, a reproduction Quaker Shed, and a Pool house from a 200 year old Dutch house.

Tinicum Barn Home Conversion

A Bucks County bank barn home conversion located on 80 acres with a stream running through it. The grand scale of the main barn is carefully preserved by design by placing living quarters in a reconstructed attached carriage house and a two story bedroom addition. A loft space in the main barn holds an office overlooking the main threshing floor made of antique wood. The threshing floor also has two fireplaces, kitchen, and sitting areas.

The carriage house has a selfcontained guest area while the bank barn itself has children's bedrooms and play areas in the lower level. An addition holds a master bedroom suite.

The project also includes a reproduction Quaker Shed and Corn Crib.

English Hay Barn Home Conversion

This project is built from a Vermont barn that we relocated to Bucks County, PA. It includes a second small barn that houses the garage and was sided with antiqued vertical boards.

The barn features large hand hewn 11" x 13”" x 30' long carrier beams and 10" x 11" posts, also hand hewn.

Three bedrooms are tucked into the second floor lofts and the master bedroom is placed in a shed addition. An English Pub is created in the lower level (not shown).

(Project by Curtis L. Iden, Judith Iden Partnership)

Book Barn

A relocation and conversion of a 120 year old barn from West Haven, Vermont to Central Bucks County, PA. This barn home has appeared in several national magazines including the Mar/April 2000 issue of Metropolitan Home. Images show the completed home, with the table constructed from antique wood as pictured in Metropolitan Home Magazine.

(Project by Curtis L. Iden, Judith Iden Partnership)

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